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We are Vogar

Who are we?

We are specialists in control and electronic regulation of high and low voltage. Our line of electronic voltage regulators / electronic line conditioners are the result of many years of studies and research. Since 1981 we have made a strong incursion in the field of electronics power systems with the firm commitment of constantly developing more efficient equipments for the electronic protection against the voltage variations.

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International presence

Vogar is present in Mexico and we deliver to all of Latin America. Contact us to know more about our shipping procedures and equipment maintenance.

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7 points behind our brand

We are specialists in control and electronic regulation of high and low voltage

You can rely on Vogar with the electronic protection of your equipment. VOGAR offers quality energy in secure ranges that protect the actives of your company or business.

We continuously study the behavior, causes and consequence of voltage variations. Since the beginning of the AMCE our researchers and developers actively participate in methodologies regarding the voltage regulations normatively.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the research and development of products in the voltage regulation branch

Our line of electronic of voltage regulators / electronic conditioners is the result of many years of studies and research. Since 1981 we are involved in the field of power electronics with the firm commitment of constant development and more and more efficient electronic protection of equipments against voltage variations.

Our extensive experience of solving problems that originate in the distribution of electric energy and a solid technical and operative structure, allow us to offer quality products, consultancy and technical services at any moment that you require.

Each electronic component of our regulators and UPS equipments are carefully built and verified by our strict quality controls

Each equipment is checked 1 by 1 before it gets to your hands. We have the commitment to offer you regulation equipments and UPS systems of the highest quality and efficiency. Our three year warranty covers each equipment.

Vogar counts with forefront technology and constant development to offer the most complete electric protection to your equipments

We have a highly specialized department in technology + development as well as an electric testing laboratory where all equipments are tested using different operation and functioning tests.

We offer service and assessment during sales and after market with our highly trained personnel with attitude and disposition to help you

We are manufacturers, with inventories suited to satisfy your needs. If you require advice for the selection of your equipment or diagnose a specific problem or irregularity in your voltage, our personnel will gladly assist you every day of the week.

The confidence of our customers

Our best presentation card is the success with our customers and the trust that they have deposited in our products. Vogar counts with clients of national and international size. We export to the main urban points in Mexico and Latin America.

We invite you to meet some of our clients and how they have been supported by Vogar as we have given them solutions with their voltage regulations.

Authorized representatives

The demand of customers have allowed Vogar to open operations all around the country. We have authorized representatives all around Mexico with trained personnel to give you the best advice and help in the selection of the best voltage regulators that best suits the needs of your company. We invite you to know in which states we have physical presence.

Authorized representatives

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