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Our Company

Our mission

Research and development for the design of electrical protection equipment and manufacture the products that respond to the requirements of our clients. Our mission is to use all our capacities, determination and commitment to sustain and reach the best results.

Our vision

To be the leader in the electric protection equipment business and offer the highest security and confidence in every aspect that are critical in the operation with our customers. Our definition of leader: To be a first class company, honest, responsible and hard working.

Why Vogar is your best option?

Technical Certification

We count with certifications that help us validate de quality of our products.

3 years warranty

We count with certifications helps us validate de quality of our products.

24/7 Service

Vogar has a 24/7service. We have availability through telephone:
01 800 00 VOGAR (86427)

Our values

The pillars of our company are Honesty, Respect and Quality.

Our values









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